Secrets of losing weight with the help of a pharmacy

Secrets of losing weight

The modern rhythm of life has become so crazy that people have already forgotten how to eat right at the same time. This leads to sad consequences – more than half of the population suffers from excess weight, which is not so easy to lose. Fitness and correction of the menu takes too much time and requires the presence of willpower. Many can not stand the changes and return to the old way of life, but the weight remains and even continues to grow.

To help in such cases, various auxiliary substances come, for example, drugs that promote the cleavage of lipids. Today we will talk about fat burners in the pharmacy, that is, tablets that are in free sale. They will not only allow you to get rid of excess weight, but also to acquire a beautiful fit figure.

What are fat burners?

Substances that stimulate the splitting of fat – this is the subject of our conversation. Their effect is to accelerate metabolism, in particular lipid metabolism, suppress appetite and reduce fat absorption.

Fat burners are especially popular among athletes, but the latter most often buy dietary supplements in specialized stores. We will list the substances that are available to everyone.

Types of fat burners

Depending on the active component, the principle of action of such substances is radically different.

There are such types of drugs:

  1. Thermogenics – increase the release of fatty acids into the blood, thereby increasing heat production. Substances increase the consumption of lipids in physical exercises. This group includes the extract of green tea.
  2. Anorectics – reduce appetite, affecting certain zones in the brain. During the reception, the amount of food eaten gradually decreases, and the weight gradually goes away. However, these tablets have a lot of side effects, so many of them are sold only on prescription or completely prohibited. Bromocriptine, sibutramine, fluoxetine and mazindol are relatively affordable drugs, but they are not suitable for women.
  3. Calorie blockers – digest digestive proteins, getting into the stomach with food. The second option – the active substances combine with fats and carbohydrates, as a result of which the newly formed complex is not absorbed into the systemic bloodstream. Akaraboz, chitosan and orlistat belong to the dietary supplements of this group.
  4. Stimulants – accelerate the metabolism and increase the consumption of calories, so that fat deposits are converted into energy. Another plus of such substances – they increase endurance during physical exercises, make the exercises more prolonged and more intense. Clenbuterol, ephedrine and caffeine are the best options for men who want to build muscle.
  5. Other drugs – active substances that reduce the percentage of fat mass, but do not belong to the groups described above. Here is L-carnitine, which promotes intracellular transport of fatty acids. The rest of the drugs either cause a lot of doubt, or are not sold in pharmacies.

Fat burners for women

Not all substances are equally good for both women and men.

Girls have such features of an organism:

  • Smaller muscle mass and not so high endurance.
  • Most women will sooner or later become mothers, which requires a certain thrift.
  • Representatives of the fair sex are very often sweet tooth, while the strengths of this world prefer fatty foods.
  • Men experience increased physical activity, while women are more engaged in mental activity.


fat burners for women


All these factors must necessarily be taken into account when choosing drugs for women. Given the first point, we can say that the group of stimulants immediately say “no.” These substances are effective only with good physical exertion, but if the lovely ladies work in the hall before the seventh sweat, they will lose weight so well.

For women, the second point is very important – a possible pregnancy. This convinces expectant mothers to monitor their health and does not allow to take questionable pills. Therefore, any drugs should be checked. Since anorectics cause a lot of doubt, they are also removed.

Let us examine the third point. It is because of the love for sweets for women that the best choice will be the blockers of calories, aimed at intercepting carbohydrates. Looking back at all of the above, we can note that representatives of the weaker sex are suitable drugs such as green tea extract, L-carnitine and acarbose. For men, several other drugs are selected. The most popular we describe below.

The best fat burners from the pharmacy


Effectively reduces the amount of fat tissue and increases endurance during training. This substance is synthesized by the kidneys and the liver, so it is “native” to the body. The additive converts fat into energy without causing damage to health. In pharmacies is sold in small doses as a therapeutic agent.

For women, the standard amount of the drug is 200-700 mg, for men 800-2500 mg per day. This dose should be divided into several receptions and consumed 10 minutes before meals or 45 minutes before physical activity.

Green Tea Extract

It not only promotes fat burning, but also has an antioxidant effect, strengthens blood vessels, lowers cholesterol levels and tones up the body as a whole. Active components – caffeine, catechins and vitamins C, R, K.

In order for the extract to have an effect, it is necessary to consume about 400-500 mg or 4-5 cups of strong tea per day. Do not increase the dose indicated on the package, otherwise there may be nausea and discomfort.


losing weight


Acarbose (Glucobay)

The best blocker of carbohydrates from all that exist at the moment. It does not pose a health hazard. To achieve the desired effect, it is necessary to take 300-600 mg per day.

Begin with 150 mg per day and within a month bring the indicator to 300 mg. The amount depends on the individual characteristics of the body: body weight, appetite, goals and gender. Take the pill necessary during meals.

The drug can cause such side effects as flatulence, abdominal pain and frequent stools due to the remnants of blocked carbohydrates.


Non-steroid hormone, which helps to increase muscle mass. Its advantage is that it reduces the amount of degrading protein in the muscles. The drug burns lipids without any diets and promotes the conversion of fat into fuel.

Men take 80-160 mcg per day, for women the dosage is less – 80-100 mcg, but it is better for women to choose another active substance as a fat burner. Begin reception with 40 mcg per day and gradually increase the amount of the drug.

ECA, or a combination of ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin

It is very popular among fans of beautiful reliefs, but it causes such side effects as increased excitability and irritability. The optimal ratio of drugs is 1:10:10 or 25 mg of ephedrine, 250 mg of caffeine and 250 mg of aspirin (one dose). On a day like this, three are usually accepted. The course lasts 1-2 weeks, after which you need to pause for 7 days. It is not recommended to use ECA for a long time.

Other effective fat burners that can be bought at the pharmacy include vitamin B6, omega-3 fats and yohimbine. They have a natural basis and do not cause harm to the body.

Be reasonable in taking the described drugs and then they will help achieve the desired result without any loss.


The information published on this website is a reference. Before using it in practice, always consult a doctor.