Nutrition during training

Nutrition during training

How to eat properly before, during and after exercise, so that the results are better visible? We’ll tell you how to achieve this in our article.


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Nutrition in fitness classes (bodybuilding)


nutrition in fitness classes (bodybuilding)


We decided to start sports, You need to know strictly what you will eat before, during and after your workout. One must remember the most important rule: do not overeat. If you do not keep it, you will never achieve the desired results, regardless of how many hours you will spend in the hall. However, one should not get involved with strict diets. Do not forget that food is the only energy source you need to maintain efficiency.

This is true for beginners in sports, and for professional athletes. Remember that the body does not tolerate experiments on oneself. It is not necessary to overeat, but at the same time your body should not experience a deficiency of nutrients and especially fluids.

Nutrition before exercise


nutrition before exercise


In food before exercise should include: carbohydrates, proteins, but there should be no fat. Let us consider in more detail how this all affects our body.
Carbohydrates are needed for us to provide the brain and muscles with energy. With active training, the fuel begins to burn.
Proteins supply amino acids to our bodies for the work of muscles. Thus, after training, protein synthesis in muscles increases.
The absence of fat is explained by a slowdown in the emptying of the stomach and the rate of digestion. Fat food is forced to stay in the stomach for a long time, thus slowing the digestion rate. Being in the stomach during training, it can cause nausea and colic.
Meals before exercise look so:
Turkey meat or chicken breast with bran bread or rice;
steak (remember – without fat) with potatoes;
omelette (without yolk) with oat flakes;
Caloric content should not differ from usual meals. A portion of salad or soup should be eaten 1-2 before the workout in order to have time to digest. More dense food (porridge, cottage cheese) can be consumed half an hour before training.
If you want to build muscle, 30 minutes before the start of training is allowed to eat one fruit (pear, apple, strawberry or other favorite berries), washing it with a protein drink. Calculate the protein as follows: 0.22 g protein per kg. weight.
You can also drink a glass of black strong coffee (but without sugar) or just green tea. This will mobilize fat from fatty layers, and the body will use it as fuel. So much later, there will be fatigue.

Just before training, it is better not to eat anything, so that physical activity does not distract from the process of digestion. If you are very hungry, drink a glass of milk.

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Nutrition during exercise


nutrition during exercise


The main rule during training is a large intake of water. However, do not be guided by the feeling of thirst.
If you notice a feeling of thirst, dryness, fatigue, irritability and dizziness are the first signs of dehydration. Immediately start drinking water and relax a bit from training.
Water should be taken before the start of training (glass). During training, little by little every 15-20 minutes. The amount of alcohol is regulated, but do not overdo it.
If the training time is more than an hour, it is necessary to drink sports drinks. We already told about them earlier.
Also, during training, it is allowed to drink fruit (more preferably freshly squeezed juices, not from the store). The best juice is orange.

Training programs for training the press

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Nutrition after exercise


nutrition after exercise


You need to eat right after classes, during the first 20 minutes. If you refrain from food for 2 hours, training loses all meaning. The result: nothing trains, a little fat is burned, but there will be no gain in strength, muscle density, slenderness and metabolic rate.
Carbohydrates are more desirable to consume after training in a liquid form. The best products are cranberry and grape juice.
In addition, after training, it will be useful to eat protein food. Better in the form of a protein powder or drink. If you can not drink cocktails, you can completely manage egg whites.
Do not eat fatty foods. Since this will slow the passage of carbohydrates and proteins from the stomach into the bloodstream. Beef, pork should be avoided, giving preference to veal.

Be careful with cheese, milk, yogurt and cottage cheese – the fat content in them is 5%. The exception is only fatty fish (by no means fried!).

It can and should be eat as often as possible.
Exclude for two hours the intake of products containing caffeine: coffee, tea, cocoa and all chocolate.