Exercises with dumbbells for the back

Exercises with dumbbells for the back
Exercises with dumbbells for the back is not so much. The back is a large muscular group and in order to work out all its parts some dumbbells are not enough. If there is no possibility to work with a bar, then at least a horizontal bar is needed to work out the widest muscles of the back.

Dumbbells for performing exercises on the back should be collapsible and have a fairly large weight. The muscles of the back are strong enough and with light dumbbells try to work it out as a waste of time.

It is better to add exercises with dumbbells in the back training to “finish off” the muscles after the basic exercises.

Thrust dumbbells in a tilt with one hand

This exercise is perfect for “finishing” for example after pulling the bar in the slope.


Starting position: take the dumbbell in your hands and lean forward. With your free hand, rest in the bench and set the leg with the same name forward and bend in the knee. Keep your back straight. On exhalation, pull the dumbbell to the waist by working the muscles of the back. On inhalation slowly lower the dumbbell to its original position.

Second option: take the dumbbell in your hand. With your free hand and the tribe of the same name, rest on the bench. The second leg is standing on the floor, slightly bending the knee. Keep your back straight. On exhalation tighten the dumbbell to the waist, working the muscles of the back. Try not to engage the biceps. Inhale lower the dumbbell.

Draft of dumbbells in slope

Exercise is similar to pull rod in the slope. Can be used as a base Exercise if you do not have the opportunity to work with the barbell.

exercises-with-dumbbells-for-the-back_1_1Starting position: stand up straight by taking dumbbells in your hands. Lean forward bending in the lower back. Keep your back straight and look ahead. On exhalation, pull dumbbells to the waist, cutting back muscles.

Try not to include the biceps in the work. Do not lower the head during the exercise, this will result in a rounding of the back. On inhalation, return to the starting position.

The difference between working with dumbbells in this exercise from rod pull in the slope is that the amplitude of the movement at the end point is greater and you can more tighten the muscles of the back.
Tilt the body so that the lower back feels comfortable. To involve more muscle fibers in the work, you can change the position of the hands (keep them as if pulling the rod in the slope, turn the palms towards each other).

Static draft with dumbbells

Performed the same as the deadlift with the rod. In the absence of a rod, it can serve as a basic exercises exercises-with-dumbbells-for-the-back_2_1with dumbbells for the back.

Starting position: Take dumbbells in your arms and stand up straight. Slightly bending the legs tilt the body forward. The look is directed forward. During the movement, do not lower your head downwards so as not to round your back. On exhalation straighten taking the starting position. At the upper point of the amplitude, you do not need to bend back. This creates unnecessary strain on the lumbar spine. Move smoothly without any sudden jerks.

When working with dumbbells, use straps (wrist straps). When doing exercises with dumbbells, each hand keeps the weight on its own, that’s why it is much easier to hold a 50 kg bar with both hands than two dumbbells of 25 kg each.

Shaggy with dumbbells

Exercise for the development of trapezius muscles that are responsible for the movement of the scapula.

exercises-with-dumbbells-for-the-back_3_1Starting position: Pick up dumbbells and stand upright. As you exhale, lift your shoulders up. On inhaling, lower it. Do the movement strictly up and down. Carrying out circular motions with shoulders under load threatens with injuries.

The back is a large muscle group. Therefore, you need to use not only exercises with dumbbells but also the rest of the arsenal of exercises using barbells, simulators and blocks.