Caloric content of honey


How many calories in honey

The fact that honey is very useful, we all know since childhood. This product, we and our parents were added to tea and warm milk to relieve the symptoms of colds or flu, lower the temperature, calm the cough. Honey is extremely rich in vitamins, mineral compounds, amino acids, enzymes. It contains vitamin C, which increases immunity and helps the body fight colds, vitamin PP, which strengthens the walls of blood vessels and removes excess sugar and cholesterol from the blood, antioxidants that slow the aging of the body and prevent the occurrence of cancer. Honey is rich in vitamins of group B (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9), known as effective natural antidepressants. They improve the work of the nervous system, stimulate brain activity, relieve anxiety, improve mood and normalize sleep; In addition, these vitamins regulate the metabolism in the body and favorably affect the condition of hair, nails and skin.

It is rich in honey by enzymes – amylase, lipase, catalase, diastase and others; these enzymes improve digestion and help the absorption of nutrients contained in our food. Honey contains essential oils and organic acids, amino acids, as well as trace elements – potassium, which strengthens the heart, iron, improves blood composition, magnesium, which participates in all chemical reactions in the body, iodine, necessary for the thyroid gland, and others.


calories in honey


During diets, the usual sugar, which we put in tea, is recommended to be replaced with honey. Calorie content of honey is not too different from the caloric value of sugar, but its useful properties are so great that it not only does not hurt the figure, but vice versa – will help you in the fight against excess weight.

How many calories in honey depends on its kind. Caloric content of honey of lime or flower varieties is relatively low – only about 380 kcal per 100 g. The caloric value of dark honey is much higher – it can contain up to 415 kcal per 100 g.

The main source of caloric value of honey – carbohydrates: fructose and glucose. They constitute up to 80% of the mass of this product.

Despite the similar calorie content of honey and sugar, these are completely different products. Sugar does not benefit the body, it only increases the level of glucose in the blood, which causes a powerful release of the hormone insulin. Fructose and glucose do not cause such a strong production of insulin, they are better absorbed, and the useful properties of honey help it maintain our health, fight various diseases and favorably influence our appearance, including the figure.

Caloric content of a spoonful of honey

In order to determine how many calories are contained in tea with honey, do not constantly weigh on the kitchen scales honey, which you put in tea. Caloric content of a spoon of honey is 26 kcal (teaspoon) or 56 kcal (tablespoon). Of course, this is an average value, it depends on the caloric value of honey. But in order to calculate the calorie content of a spoonful of honey, remember that in a teaspoon without a slide 8 g of this product are placed, and in the dining room – 17 g.

The maximum amount of honey per day, which can be eaten without harm to health and figure, for an adult is 100 g, for children – 50 g, athletes can eat up to 200 g of honey.

Than honey is useful

The main useful property of honey is its ability to improve immunity and help combat various viral and cold diseases. But this useful and healing properties of honey are not limited. It contains organic acids and enzymes that improve digestion and assimilation of nutrients from food, as well as contributing to the breakdown of body fat reserves. It reduces appetite, eliminates intestinal dysbacteriosis, has anti-inflammatory effect, improves mood and sleep. Thanks to high caloric content, honey energizes and increases vitality, and also stimulates the activity of the brain due to the high glucose content. The high caloric value of honey and its usefulness makes it an ideal product for athletes and students, as well as for all people subjected to high physical or mental stress and in need of a quick recovery of energy.


lose weight with honey


Honey has a healing and regenerating effect, reduces pain, accelerates metabolism, warms, has a mild diuretic and diaphoretic effect, tones up, prevents the appearance of sclerosis, fights anemia, helps restore the natural environment and the protective function of the body for diseases such as thrush, pneumonia, hepatitis , stomatitis, asthenia, dystrophy, etc.

Honey, collected from the first May flowers, is best for beriberi, buckwheat honey is most effective for anemia and decreased hemoglobin, and for colds it is recommended to take lime honey. Honey neutralizes alcohols and toxins formed during the breakdown of alcohols in the body, so it is effective in treating alcoholism and neutralizing the hangover.

Harm to honey

Honey – a strong allergen, so it should be used carefully: it can cause allergic asthma, rashes on the skin and anaphylactic shock. Do not heat honey above 50-60 degrees – at this temperature it loses a significant part of its useful properties and turns into ordinary sweetness.

Because of the high calorie content of honey, it is not recommended to use it for obesity, also with caution should use it in diabetes mellitus. Honey can cause tooth decay, so after eating honey, rinse your mouth with water.

How to lose weight with honey

Despite the rather high calorie content of honey, this product is able to fight with extra pounds: it speeds up the metabolism, helps to cleanse the body, improves digestion. There are many recipes, how to lose weight with honey. The most delicious and popular is tea with honey for weight loss. It accelerates the metabolism, warms, increases vitality, activates the defenses of the body. In tea with honey for weight loss you can add spices – cinnamon, ginger, red pepper, cardamom, etc. Even in spite of the high calorific value of honey, such tea will not only help you to activate the fat burning processes in the body, but also will reduce appetite, and besides, it will strengthen your health and have a calming effect with nervous overloads and stresses, and will also improve sleep.

Another way to lose weight with honey is also quite simple – prepare yourself water with honey for weight loss and drink it on an empty stomach in the morning and an hour before dinner in the evening. This drink is prepared simply – from water, honey and lemon juice, you can add a little broth of mint. When drinking water with honey for weight loss, you need to limit the calorific value of a daily diet of 1300 kcal – then you can lose up to 7 kg within a couple of weeks.

It is also very useful to add honey in breakfast – for example, eat oatmeal with honey, yogurt with honey, toast or pancakes with honey. Despite the high calorific value of honey, such a breakfast will bring you a lot of benefits and will energize, and the calories that you use during breakfast, by the end of the day, everyone will definitely be exhausted, so your figure will not be threatened.